27th June 2007

DirBuster finds a new home as an OWASP Project. Becoming part of OWASP will be a great move forward for DirBuster and it's unique lists. All stuff DirBuster related can be found here

9th June 2007

DirBuster 0.9.7 ready for download DirBuster is available under LGPL, directory lists are Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

8th May 2007

Web site has been updated, with a fresh new look

DirBuster is finally ready for download!

19th February 2007

sidBuster-0.1 is finished :) sidBuster is a little tool to brute force oracle sids, and is ready for download.

11th March 2006

Created a new gentoo ebuild called pentest-tools to install a collection of common used tools for security testing.

20th December 2005

Pages for dirBuster have now been added, and it is virtually ready for it's beta release!

3rd November 2005

Lots of the ground work has been done for DirBuster, I hope to have some working code ready soon.